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Boy Where Does the Time Go?

It seems like I haven’t written in awhile, but it has been a quiet couple days. Which is great and normal for our family. Not to say I haven’t been in contact with my mom for just normal dealings. I talk to her pretty much every day which I count my Blessings that I get … Continue reading Boy Where Does the Time Go?

Is It Scam or SPAM

Well, this past weekend started with a call from mom telling me that she might have done something that she couldn’t remember doing. My first thought ok, how bad can it be? After I got her calmed down she told me what happened. She was a target of a phone scam…yes it happens a lot … Continue reading Is It Scam or SPAM

Well Hello There…

Sorry, I have been a little MIA lately, but its been a little busy around here. Well where should I start… My mom had a doctors appointment that I was able to take her to and this was a the first one in a long time since I was dealing with since a surgery that … Continue reading Well Hello There…

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