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When does a simple wave of a hand become a BIG deal?

The story behind the title. It has been a couple of rough days and then the weekend was coming. Work, shopping, college trip, competition, a win and some rest. That is just two days. Then came Sunday. Decided it was a good idea to see mom. Went and saw my mom it was the best…

Special Events Become Remembering What Could Haves

Do you ever think about your extended family at special events for your family? I seem to even when I don’t want to. For example… these past couple of days having a great time with family. Mind you it’s not perfect by any means. But it’s us and this is how we roll. I sat…

Well Hello There. . .

It’s a new year and my mom is still in the same location as she has been for almost a year. No new place any time soon. But as I keep saying it’s in Gods hands. It’s been hard over the holidays this year. Everything seems different this time around. My oldest is in his…

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