Hello There…

I am glad you could join me today. I am a daughter of a mother who was just recently diagnosed with Dementia. This is going to be my story in how we navigate this journey together.

Why do I want to share this?

  • I feel this isn’t something that is spoken about much at all.
  • My hope is that what I share will be able to help someone to let them know they are not alone.

Let me give you a little background on me. I am a mother of two great boys well you know how boys can be, but they are still my boys. I am married to a wonderful guy for 25+ years. As you know we have our ups and downs too. Our boys are busy with school, music and other activities which you know that mean I am busy too. I am a lunch lady as well while the boys do their school things and help within our community as well. We belong to a great congregation where we live and we love our church family. Speaking of our church family that will lead me into my next bite of information about how and why I am doing this blog.

About two years ago I was asked if I would be willing to sit a wonderful young lady who also was diagnosed with alzheimer and or dementia. I said sure and so beings my journey about learning in how to deal with dementia. That seems not the right word “deal”, but for now let’s go with it shall we. So my job would be to go to her house and to see if she needed anything like meals, taking her meds, to go to a store or anything else she could think of or need. She is a wonderful lady, but as I was with her I could tell that she was changing. She remembered things from when she was a kid, being married, but couldn’t remember if she ate or left a pot on the stove. That is the realization of alzheimer and dementia. The good that came out of me sitting with this lovely lady is that I was able to see what was happening and could use it in my life right now. God has His perfect timing and that now brings us up to my mom and OUR journey with dementia.

Me and my mom where to start? I guess the beginning is a good place. Growing up my parents decided it was best to get a divorce. I would visit my mom and see her during holiday’s and such. It was how we rolled. As I got older she was still involve in my life. Now married with children she is still involved. She loves her grand kids and would do anything for them and or for myself as well. She loves her family and I can still see this when I see her.

Onto where we are now. My mom was given the diagnoses of having dementia over a year ago while I was sitting with the lady of our church still. See I said, “God has His timing.” Since then we have had our ups and downs with how dementia has affected our lives.

That is where I will leave you for now and you will find additional information on my blog. Blessings

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