Happy Labor Day All!

Today is Labor day and myself and my family are spending the day together at home today. We are getting ready for tomorrow when my boys start school at home since our school district is not doing in person schooling yet. I had spent the last few days setting up my blog and today is the first day that I am posting my first post. Yay me!!!

At the same time I am thinking about what I should write about I am thinking of my mother is she ok, does she need anything, etc… You see she is almost an hour away from me with traffic and it not an easy thing to just to drop everything and just go and check on her. Then I have guilt that I am not close enough or check on her every day. You know the feeling when you are taking care of someone or even your family you have that guilt that you are not doing enough. So I have an internal battle with myself throughout the day as to what I should do. I do see my mom I try to a couple times a week if I can and call her on the phone as well. I am lucky too my mom has a great friend who she has been friends with for a very long time and she is also a helper for me too. So I am not totally alone in taking care of my mom. I have things that I need to start doing for my mom now to like looking into home care for her along with house care. She can still care for herself to a point and if you talk to her she would say she is fine. She is a very proud woman so she is and that can be good at times, but not now. She needs help and is willing to go along with what we are telling her. One thing I have learned too in having been a caregiver for the lady at my church is your try to keep them involved in the decision making for as long as you can it helps to make it go a little easier. There is emotions everywhere I will tell you with having to point out to your mother that she needs help. When you have that realization that you are now the parent to your parent it really is an eye opener. She will always be my mom and I am sure this partnership with dementia play out as long as God sees fit.

This coming week I plan on posting my dealings with insurance, home care options and family. I am glad that you could join me on my journey thru the lens of dementia. Blessings for you all!

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