Adventures for a Wednesday

Today was the start of a new day. Wake up, breakfast for the boy and start school via online. This is how we are rolling for now. So while the boys are at school I worked on some things I needed to take care of around the house. Then I remembered that I needed to take care of getting a replacement car tag for her. Found the site and form to fill out which wasn’t a big deal. Took care of the form, but I needed information that I didn’t have so a call off to mom. Call her up to see how she is doing and she sounds in good spirits. I mentioned I had a question for her and she then said, “hopefully I can answer it” I said, “it’s an easy one” and proceed to get the needed information from her. This seems like a simple question as do most questions, but to someone with dementia it’s not and it changes from day to day. One day it seems normal (normal is in the eye of the beholder) as it can be and the next day not so normal. Sometimes a thought might go thru your head is who will I get today and how am I going to have to handle this moment. With dementia it and be a moment by moment, hour by hour or minute by minute. This is what I have been noticing since dementia and Alzheimer’s has come into my life. I am so Blessed how God has placed this adventure into my path. I look at this as an adventure if I didn’t I could go nuts. I love my mom and I will take her anyway God gives her to me. Thought for today… Go with the flow with what comes your way!

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