A Day of Learning and a Happy Thought

Today started just like the rest get the boys up for school, breakfast and then log in to school. For me was then left to take care of paying the bills, returning emails, checking to make sure the boys schedules where updated with the constant changes that happen. It felt normal a routine that felt like it hasn’t happened in a long time. So the phone rings I am off to help take care of a issue at church no biggie just another normal feeling thing. Back home lunch and say I should start to get back to looking into getting information on home care and some other additional information I find I need to look into while searching up home care. I come across a few good articles and webpages so I bookmark them for later, make PDFs so I have the information later for when I have more time to really read the information closer. At the same time I am working on gathering information my youngest is practicing his instrument and then continues to ask questions. Just normal things. I found a great article and I will share it with you when I get it off my other computer. I found it fascinating. I also called mom just to see how she was doing she seemed in great spirits and I could hear the smile in her voice since I also told her that I would be seeing her tomorrow. I notice things like this more the little things seem so much BIGGER now. I love that. Speaking of good feelings I would like to share a great memory that happened only few weeks ago.

We participated in the Longest Day it was to be a great event and then it seemed that the world stopped for awhile. So things where put on hold. But we where still able to raise some funds and have fun in the process. I asked my mom what would she like to have as her fundraiser and she mentioned something that others could use so we came up with ceramics. Found a wonderful business called Busy Bees Pottery and Art Studio close to where I live and they created kits with everything that you would need to create your creations and then all would need to happen is to get them fired. Which you dropped them off and then picked them up when done it was great! So we picked a day me and my youngest son went to see my mom and we had a painting party on her porch. We had a little lunch then painted away. She loved it and so did we. She just kept saying this was a great day and also mentioned that she will remember this day forever and I then thought to myself I hope she does!

Painting the roses red…well her mug red!
The finished product…it is a RED mug! She loved it!!!

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