Well Hello There…

Sorry, I have been a little MIA lately, but its been a little busy around here. Well where should I start…

My mom had a doctors appointment that I was able to take her to and this was a the first one in a long time since I was dealing with since a surgery that happened about a year ago and that is a story for another time. I spoke to my mom on the phone to let her know that I was coming shortly and I could hear the joy in her voice when I said that I would be coming to take her to the doctors. I have noticed that when I talk with my mom recently I hear her smiling and joy in her voice. I know this isn’t weird, but it comes back to the little things you notice more I guess. So back to her appointment I wasn’t really sure what this appointment was for since there really wasn’t much mentioned on the paperwork I just knew it was with nero and my mom couldn’t remember what it was for either just that she had an appointment. So off we went get checked in and we talk to a lovely man and try to answer his questions as best we can. Then I was asked to step out and then it was just all mom.

I am waiting in the waiting room and I go back over what some of the questions where that the gentleman asked and I knew that I needed to get some additional answers to those questions myself that I didn’t even know about. Like why is she taking this medication and that one and to know more of her medical history too. I felt like a bad daughter that I wasn’t aware of those things. After an hour mom came out and I could tell she was feeling a little tired so we checked out as quickly as we could and I took mom on one more errand before taking her home. So off we went. I didn’t ask her any questions about how it went until we were driving in the car to the next location we needed to go to and she told me what she could remember or that she wanted to share with me. Which was fine. So we accomplish what we needed to on our second stop and then home we go. As we are heading home I ask if she was hungry and if she wanted me to stop somewhere to get a bite to take home since I figured she was hungry, but she said that she was ok and could make something to eat at home. So deep down I hoped this was true. I worry about my mom making sure she is eating. So I dropped her off at her home and made sure that she was all set then it was back home for me to be a mom and take care of what my boys needed today.

I was in contact with my mom’s good friend and kept her updated as best I could for the day, but also said that I needed to talk to her and get our information all up to date with what she had and what I had as well. We are very Blessed to have her in our lives.

So I called her the following day and filled her in to what happened at the appointment and we talked about all the things that we wanted to and just talked too which you need to do from time to time. I one thing came up and I sometimes say this from time to time “I really do not like to Adult right now” , but you know you have to man up and take care of what needs to be taken care of and then afterwards you can crawl in your blanket fort and all will be better.

Doesn’t this look inviting? Who would like to join me?

So my moms appointment was where she was evaluated and then she has a follow-up with the doctor in a few weeks. It has made me think now we will have something to go off of and see what our next plan of attack will be. I have found myself thinking about not my past per say, but my future of how long will I have with my mom until she forgets me or will she ever forget me. Not sure if others think about this or not it is just something that I think about. I treasure the time that I do have with her even if its a trip to the doctors or running errands since it may come a day that will all stop and all I am left with will be memories. Cherish what time you have with your loved ones. Blessing all and I wish you all a Blessed weekend!

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