What should I do today. . .

I woke up today thinking to myself what day is it? I realized it is Wednesday a day before heading to see mom which it seems to be the day I have been seeing my mom. I think to myself what if I didn’t go this week would she be ok? My guilt comes and goes all the time. I need to be here for my family boys especially since we are doing virtual school right now. But then I think how is she really doing which I would see in person and not over the phone which I do talk to her every few days. You see when I see her it takes about an hour to travel to her then I visit for a hour or more then home again which then is another hour. That is a lot of time away from my boys who are getting older and can be left kind of. As I am writing this I have been getting interrupted by my youngest who is the one that needs a little more attention then my oldest. So this guilt is hard as I know other caregivers go through as well.

I did a quick search about guilt and caregivers and came across these two images that I wanted to share. It’s a reminder that it ok to give yourself a break. What I also have going for me is my mom has great neighbors who I can ask for help. That makes me feel a little better when I need a break. So the conclusion is WE need a break take the break it is ok.

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