A Day of Making Sure All is Well

Today was a day that I knew I needed to be on the phone with company support to change ID’s and updating passwords. It took me most of the afternoon into the early evening. Now I LOVE my mom with all my heart and would do this day over again if I needed to don’t get me wrong, but boy am I tired! Who knew doing all this which didn’t seem like much would make you tired.

On the a good note all has been updated and I am aware of what ID’s and passwords are now along with being contacts for things as well. I really feel for those who are on support I am sure they have heard it all too. A HUGE THANK YOU TO TECHNICAL SUPPORT! They made it so easy to take care of what I needed to take care and make sure that my mom was all set and didn’t need to worry about anything at least for awhile.

We are setting things up for my mom to make it a little easier on her from meds, to house work, etc… My mom told me that I am good at this and that I should offer support to others to show them the ropes. You know that at times I wish there was something out there that would spell things out like ok you look here for help for assistants with home care, it would be a good idea to do this for medications and it would be a good idea to make sure you have all these items together for future reference. A girl can dream, right? Who knows I might do something like this you just never know.

Putting the technical things aside today it was a good day spent with my mom and we had lunch and talked and got things DONE!

Blessings to you all!!!

My Special Snow Heart

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