WOW What A Ride…

I am referring to a roller coaster which I don’t care for my self personally. But this whole dementia thing is so much like a roller coaster up one day down another. That is what it has been recently. Things seem to be changing a lot more quickly then what I or my mother expected.

Recent things that I have been working on have been trying to get in home care help, changing essentials so I can help to take care of them and along with also just being a daughter.

How do you be a caregiver and a family member a daughter all at the same time? I’ve been thinking about this at the same time as I am working on taking care of things for my mom.

I tear up every once and awhile while talking to my mom at that time I can see in her eyes that she doesn’t like this at all, not having control any more it bothers her I know it does. I try very hard not to hover/mother her it’s a learning curve BIG time for me!

At times you feel so alone, but your not. I have family, friends, church, etc… that are there for me. But if anyone as gone through anything similar knows what I mean. God and prayer is my best friend for without them I wouldn’t be able to do this at all!

My hope is by sharing my journey Looking Thru the Lens of Dementia will help someone else to let them know that you are not alone in this journey. Even though your journey may be slightly different it has its similarities. Blessings to those who are all to familiar with this memory taking disease.

What a wild ride we are on!

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