Grocery Shopping with Dementia

Do you ever think that going grocery shopping can be so tough, confusing, and oh so much work?

Well when you put it into words it can be tough meaning you created a list, but you need to check, recheck and recheck you get the picture. Now with confusing you go over the list and have thoughts about what you would like to make, but then think of something else and then forget what you where thinking about. Oh so much work…well that is the amount of time it takes to do all of this. Try to keep them on task, double check what they wrote down, oh and then there is the actual shopping part. Now it may seem like I am complaining, but I am not at all complaining I am just letting you know what we are going through and hoping it may help you.

As I was going over the list to make sure I was getting the brands that my mother likes I noticed how I had to keep her on task and to keep her calm when she got confused. Now I have been reading a lot of different information on dementia and at that time I just made a mental note some of the information I read I put into use.

So that is my thought of the day about the in-sites of dementia. I just keep reminding myself to take one day at a time and to keep my mom calm and that I love you no matter what.

When I got back from the store we visited for awhile and just enjoyed each other’s company. Do you know my mom has the best laugh! She does and when she said something about having a car so that she can just drive to the places she knows how to get to, but only to get lost along the way, which is probably not a good reason to have a car then. I said with a giggle no, no it’s not. Then we all laughed. These are the things I will remember not the parts about how shopping with dementia was.

We all that care for others sure have not shared how we truly feel. Blessings to all the caregivers!

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