Ever Wonder What it is Truly Like to Care for Someone with Dementia…

Now I don’t have the secret to this all knowing what it is like, but I have a good idea from personal experience, others sharing with me and well I just found this amazing movie that came out in 2020 called “The Father” it is an Anthony Hopkins movie. I just watched the two minute trailer and I was in tears. To me it seems to be spot on how life can be for those with dementia and also those caring for their loved one. I will see here if I can share this trailer with you and I will put this warning out there please have tissues standing by. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_father_2020

Now on how we have been doing this past few weeks and or days I seem to lose track of when I shared with you all last time. So things have been interesting for lack of a better word. I could say terribly, great, bad, worse, wonderful and just ok, but I like interesting. We have been learning how to care for mom in her home. You know I am a mom and when I see things that mention you become a mother backwards that pretty much is accurate. The main thought I have in the back of my mind is “She is still my mother and you don’t want to baby her and be respectful the best way I can” You know that can be hard specially since I am still a mother to two wonderful boys who are still young. So onto how it has been going. We are looking into in home care a few days a week just to give me a little more piece of mind since I live almost an hour away from my mom and I tell you that isn’t easy either specially when something happens late at night or very early in the morning. We had this happen just this week. So learning experience number 108 now in the books on what to do when smoke detectors go off when it is too hot inside the home. I also want you all to know this too I do not share these things with you in to much detail as to not to offend my mother. This is all about this disease and not my mother’s character. I remember my mom as a loving person who loves her family no matter what. So back on track with what has been happening. We are looking into additional in home care this sounds so much easier then it seems. With the pandemic happening there is a shortage on caregivers. I have called three different places and the same thing we are very short handed. I know the feeling where I work too. But I have a little light hoping it becomes a big light I received a call yesterday about having an assessment today since someone else canceled and I was able to figure out my schedule and well here is hoping that we can get this ball rolling. Figured everything out financially and this seems very feasible for my mom. So this is two things in our favor and other is with God’s help that is three so here we go…

I will share something else as well I have been able to find two great support groups on FB and I continue to learn new things every day and I can share, ask questions and help others too with what I have learned and also realize I am NOT the ONLY ONE going through this either. If you are struggling and or just need some additional support please just send me a message or comment and I can share with you the groups that I have found with you. I do know that I shared with you about one of these groups in an earlier post. Again you are not alone and it is going to be ok and it is ok to ask for help! Blessings to you all!

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