When does a simple wave of a hand become a BIG deal?

The story behind the title. It has been a couple of rough days and then the weekend was coming. Work, shopping, college trip, competition, a win and some rest. That is just two days. Then came Sunday. Decided it was a good idea to see mom. Went and saw my mom it was the best decision I made for that day. Spent hours laughing, talking and holding hands. It was great.

It was time to leave and I said I would wave to her on my way out. I said, “Look for a car that looks like a toaster”. She laughed, we hugged and I told her don’t stand and wait for me sit and look out the window and I will wave as I drive by.

Now over 10 minutes or more went by. I was thinking she will probably forget as I slowly drove by, but guess what she was holding back the curtain and looking out I waved and she waved back. As I kept driving I started to tear up a bit and drove home with a smile.

She remembered to wave…

She remembered to wave…

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