What A Busy Weekend

The weekend started with a trip to get groceries and do a few errands that I did on the way to see my mom while I was out and about. Stopped in to check on her and took care of a few things that needed taken care of while I was there with her. She was a little beside herself that she mentioned herself. I said I am sorry you are feeling this way and she said it will be ok plus seeing you makes me feel better. Be still my heart. I spent a little more time and then off I went to run some more errands on the way home from seeing mom. As I am writing about my weekend I look back on events and it is like looking thru the other side of the mirror. Through out this weekend I had continued thoughts of what I should or need to do and what else I should add to my list of things that seems to keep growing as I learn more and more about taking care of someone with dementia. All along with those thoughts I was still a mom, wife and still taking care of what I needed to take care over the weekend. Life still goes on even tho it seems to stop for a little when your looking thru the lens of dementia.

On another note still looking into home care and I tell you there is a lot of information out there and it can get confusing. I have sites booked marked and copied and say to myself when I get time I will really read the information. Which I am hoping I will, but who knows. Hubby comes home and tells me he has a family friend who just went thru this and is going to meet with him to see if he can lead us in the right direction. There should be a plan somewhere to help those going through this I know we are not the only ones. It would be nice to be able to do a search and find what you need without going thru so many hoops. This is the frustrating part when you are trying to gather information about really anything. Sorry just a little venting.

One other thought I came across an article or something I read about medical ID bracelets. The more I think about this it is a great idea. Has anyone already done this or has any additional information I would love to hear about. Thank you. Blessings for a great day!

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