Fall is right around the corner.

Today was a day to see and check on mom. Traveling to see mom I had a few thoughts run thru my mind as I am taking care of things for my boys before heading to see her. Like I wonder if she would like a mum for her porch and well that angel food cake looks good too. So after my few little errands before heading to see mom I have in tow with me half an angel food cake and a huge mum for her porch. Now off I go…

Arrived and get all my goodies and head in to see mom, but let’s check the mail that is always a good idea. So mail, cake, and my bags without the mum since it is so big next trip I head in to see mom. She is in a great mood this morning. I let her finish getting ready for her day and out I go for the mum and get it setup on her porch and wait to show her. She is all set and I showed her the mum and she was so excited she gave me a hug. She caught me off guard with it since all this COVID stuff I haven’t hugged anyone besides my hubby and kids I did have my mask on. I didn’t say anything and just smiled. She loved it! That was cool to see her express herself it felt all was normal. But then just that little nagging voice came in and whispered and now what? I made it go away I was enjoying my visit it’s me and mom and we are just talking about the grandkids, music, childhood memories hers and mine…it was normal. Occasionally the word dementia came into the conversation, but didn’t stick around long. I knew there where things I should have done like fill out some forms for an upcoming doctors appointment, but it can wait I had my mom for a few hours and it was great. We laughed, cried a little, sang, watched a video of the boys and talked…paperwork could wait a day. So it was time to head back we said our goodbyes and our I love you’s and left feeling really good and replayed those few moments again in my mind. It was a great trip!

So my thoughts for today… Live in the moment, paperwork can wait and always say I love you!!!
Blessings all!

Look at all those blossoms! This barely fit in my vehicle.

Close up of some of the blossoms on the huge mum.

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