Just a reminder YOU are not alone!

Today or really this morning was a reminder that you should not let things build up or you may experience flood gates for the lack of better wording. I was at my church doing my job that I am involved with in offering online live streaming of our service. Well everything and anything happened that could have happened to make not go the way it should have and needless to say I lost it. Yes I broke down and cried. I couldn’t control this any more then I can control what is happening in my life with me and dementia affecting my life with my mother. Yes I speak of dementia as this thing that has come into our life which to me is the best way I can deal with it. So what I see has I was dealing with the happenings of today that God was talking to me and saying “It’s ok to kick, scream, shout, and cry you need to do this from time to time. So everything from this week of events leading up to those flood gates opening its “OK to SAY THINGS ARE NOT GOING RIGHT AND ITS OK TO SAY SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!”

I had a good week with my mom, but other events have not been so good. So I find when other things aren’t going so well then I start to think when will that other shoe fall. So then you worry about all these other things that could wrong, but might not. You don’t think its building up, but it does and then all it takes is just one trigger and I found mine today. It is OK to say you don’t have this, you need help and it is ok to scream, shout, kick, and cry. You don’t have to hold it all together you are human and humans cry and have break downs its normal. For whatever you have going on on your plate right now just remember “YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE GOING THRU THIS”

Have a Blessed day and if you someone to talk to I am here for you.

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