A Thursday We Will Go

Today is Thursday for those who might not know it. I sometimes lose track of the days myself. Today I got up, got the boys ready for virtual school and off I went to see my mom. Don’t worry hubby was home to help this week. So off to see mom with a few stops along the way before seeing her.

Good morning mom!!! I greeted my mom with a smile under my mask and she smiled back it was good to see her smile. Today we talked about anything and everything. Do you ever feel bad when you ask your parent, loved one, etc a question and they just can’t remember the answer? I would mention I am sorry and she said don’t be sorry if I can answer I will and if I can’t I won’t. Makes sense right? But I still feel bad because I don’t want her to feel bad. Had a wonderful visit it felt normal as normal can feel and we even filled out paperwork and laughed at most of the questions. I even turned red about a particular question yeah I am still her daughter and you just don’t talk about That with your parents. We had a good laugh. If you can’t laugh at yourself then it will be a boring life. Time to go until next time. Said our I love you’s and off I went.

Off to run errands and get ready for Marching Band tomorrow! Can’t wait. Feels like we are back on track with school in just a new way band mom here I come! Blessings All!!!

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