It’s The Little Things

Over the weekend was as normal as we can get in today’s days. Friday was a home football game and the marching band was able to perform their show. It as great. I was able to get photos of them performing and having a great time. Now onto Saturday we had friends and family performance and I recorded the whole show on my phone to share with my mom it always makes her smile. So I get home check that the file was backed up and deleted the file from my phone. But here is the bad side it really didn’t back up or there was an issue whatever it was I didn’t have the video. I was upset that I put all my feelings in having this video to show my mom, but on the plus side I had one part of the show due to room issues on my phone it was saved on my card. So I did back it up and it was saved. So I might not have the whole show, but I have part of it. Along with finding that it was also recorded on a YouTube video which is ok not great since they didn’t realize it was live when they weren’t on the band. But we have it.

Today I woke up thinking what do I have to do today besides laundry, make meals, clean, etc… At times I feel lost with what I should be doing. I came across MercyMe songs that made think about how things will be once mom is out of the clouds per say and can talk and think without the worry if she can’t remember she will be well I will just miss her. I Can Only Imagine is a wonderful song and movie check it out if you get a chance. I also listened to a few other songs including “Even If” and it made me think Even If you are going through things it will get better you just need to know God will never leave you Even If…

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