How One Phone Call Can Change Your Day

Let me just say How One Phone Call Can Change Your Day for the BETTER will be my response for TODAY.

Let me just say things seem to be changing every day for the BETTER, but not for the most of the days. But I won’t go into that right now. Let’s talk about my BETTER change for THIS day!

Today I received a call from my mom just out of the blue asking about “How did I enjoy yesterday?” I in turn told her I really enjoyed myself and seeing family I haven’t been able to spend time with in a very long time. Then mom said, “That she to enjoyed herself and that she didn’t have anything else to talk about.” We chatted a little bite more about this and that and then we said our goodbyes and that was it. I got off the phone and needed to share this with the family that we spend our time with yesterday I was so happy to share this news! She remembered this event from yesterday!!! It’s like when your kids get an A+ on a test. It’s BIG news!!!

Like I also said earlier things have been changing and not for the better it has seemed for a few weeks into months it all seems to blend together. You know when you are dealing with issues when you have most of your senses they seem small, but when these similar issues come up when you are dealing with not all of your senses functioning things seem so so so BIG especially with phone calls, internet, online, etc… these are not fun.

Speaking of phone calls one almost ruined my moms insurance coverage. My mom did everything right too. She received a call from a company asking her about her insurance and the first thing she mentioned was she has dementia which was great and the call should have ended, but it didn’t. Just by speaking over the phone to my mother they where able to change her insurance. YES I KNOW RIGHT!!! She did everything right she said she has dementia! It took me so many calls later, days later and even then a few weeks later when we thought all was good one more thing came up later. A friend contacted the company that called my mom and they were nice and all, but the friend wanted this call recorded and it to be stated and to be brought up in a staff meeting that as soon as someone says they have DEMENTIA the call should stop and nothing else should be said… period!!! In turn the person from the company said she sounded fine. YES, she is FINE, but has DEMENTIA which in turn can affect different ways of thinking, understanding, etc… the call should have stopped and nothing else should have happened! This was finally resolved and a BIG learning lesson for myself.

On another note phone calls for making changes to accounts, online accounts, etc… is so different in so many ways. Another learning lesson for myself as well. I did only lose it once on one of the companies that I was dealing with which I think speaks volumes with the amount of phone calls I have made over these past few months. I understand its your job and I totally understand that you can’t give me that personal information, but if I can’t understand you while I am speaking to you now and all I am asking for is the list of information you need from me so that I can get put onto that account emailed to me and you tell me you can’t send me an email. WHAT THE &%? Yes, I understand these companies can’t put me on those accounts without permission from the account holder. I get it I understand security, privacy, etc… but it is so frustrating that I have to go thru this and do you know that it seems this POA I have as well doesn’t seem to mean anything to so many.

To wrap things up for today on a more of a positive note I will classify these other issues as minor and yes I am going to call them minor bumps on this journey of Looking Thru the Lens of Dementia they will continue to be my Learning Curves as I am along on this journey only looking thru this lens, but when I get to have a call from my mom asking me about how I enjoyed myself yesterday those are the calls I will remember forever those are the calls that matter and those are the calls that will bring glimmer’s of LIGHT thru the darkness of this thing we call dementia!

Glimmer’s of Light Thru this darkness we call dementia.

2 thoughts on “How One Phone Call Can Change Your Day

  1. so glad that your Mom had a bright moment and so blessed for you. You sound like a wonderful daughter. SO MAD that an insurance company forced your Mom to change hers when she said she had Dementia, though. They should pay a huge fine for that. Boooooo.


    • Thank you for the comment and Blessings to you. I know what you mean about a fine that would be wonderful, but even after we called them and spoke with the company it didn’t really phase them at all. Have a wonderful Blessed day!


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