A Day of Looking Ahead

Looking ahead I really don’t want to look that far ahead. But on days that you are not sure what is the best way to handle things in any way shape or form that’s what we seem to do “Look Ahead”. I see days that my mom won’t know who I am any more or know how to get dressed, etc… I hope and pray that this won’t happen, but on days like today you keep “Looking Ahead”. Why is it so hard to for us to handle this turn of events…WHY!!! It seems that I am the adult and she is the child, but I DON’T want to treat her like one! WHY??? I know things happen for a reason I truly believe this thru and thru or I wouldn’t be here today myself! But I am and God has a plan I just wish He would give me more of an insight into His plan that would be so nice, but life isn’t nice at times. It is mess, colorful, tangled, etc… it is “Looking Ahead” to the future not just soooo far into the future just one day, even hours, minutes or seconds into the future so that you don’t go worrying about things you don’t have any control over just be there when you can and keep those memories close and those “Looking Ahead” times closer!

I saw this poem and just had to share with you all.

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