Today Was A Good Day

Like I said in the last post things have been going so fast and trying to plan so much and and and, but today was a GOOD day!!!

With everything that has been happening and what I have been trying to prepare, take care and and and… I took today as a day to just be. Do you really know how hard that is for someone that has been trying to finish things or to get things taken care of that this is? This is a HARD thing to do is just be! I would catch myself starting to think about well I can do this and that, but said ok no today is for to just be. So my youngest is having his birthday in a few days, but today he decided that we needed to involve his Nana. So we completed what each of us had to do today before going to see Nana. So as we are getting a cake at the store close by we are going over what we need to get and I ask would you like ice cream to go with cake? He was like sure and we see little ice cream containers that has peanut butter and he opted for this since he knew that his Nana loves peanut butter. He was thinking of her for this whole get together. It melted my heart to see this coming from him about how much he cared for his Nana.

So we got to have a good visit with Nana and enjoy pizza, cake, ice cream and oh so many laughs.

Today Was A Good Day!!!

This Was a GOOD Day!

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