Things Are A Changing

Like my title says things are changing and it seems so fast too. I have so many thoughts going through my mind throughout the day about this and that oh and I should do this too. It is so hard at times to keep them all straight. This is why I try to stay as busy as I can when I am at work so that I am not bombarded with all my thoughts and concerns about my mom. But then I come home and need to be a mom and a wife and try really hard to stay in that roll too with out my thoughts drifting to my mom as well. Well I get done what I need to for the family, my job and then I will let my thoughts of what I need to take care of for my mom come through and it’s like a flood gate opened up. So I remind myself to take one thought at a time and handle it the best way I can or know how too. So first up in the way of things is getting my mother’s assets figured out. Yep sounds easy right? You would think so yourself…well it is not that easy to take care. So I will line things up for you all first taxes filed. Check, but come to find out we didn’t have everything we needed…so contact the business who did her last years taxes…this requires a trip an hour away with POA in hand and then I get her last years taxes, Check. Then we realized we need her mortgage information so I go looking in her filing system which was good since this was what she did before retiring. No information at all except an old interest statement. So phone call to this bank and was told they changed names and I have nothing with this information as to when this happened. So I asked if I could email them my POA which I then did, but after several holds and a few can you hold again I was told that I needed to come in person with said POA in hand and ID then they will give me the mortgage information. Guess what too, this bank is not a local bank it is over two hours away so road trip is in the works. Then well since we are trying to get our ducks in a row on preplanning my mothers funeral as well. So one trip, two things hopefully taken care very soon just to make sure her assets are in order. Easy right?
Throughout all of this happening I have been a little down, worried, sad, you name it I am sure I have felt it. I was looking around Facebook yea I know, but as I was looking a group just popped up, don’t you just just love that when that happens? I sure do. So I came upon this great group called Miss Norma’s Caregivers Retreat. I tell you it’s like my own little support group. There are so many similar stories to ours with those who have loved ones with dementia too. This group was started by the son and daughter-in-law of Driving Miss Norma who passed away on her terms in September of 2016. Their adventures where recorded on Driving Miss Norma’s page on Facebook and they wrote a book about their adventures too. It’s a great read I have the book and have read the book. I just love this group of supporters you can be yourself and share your story along with questions and know you are not alone. Oh, and it not just those with dementia it’s all types of ailments and mainly it’s the caregivers just needing that additional hand and to know you are not alone. If you need a great support group this group is for you. Check them out. It is a private group so you ask to join the group. Minor inconvenience for a great group of caregivers!

This is the groups photo and only used to show you what the group looks like when you are looking for the group.

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