Detours and how do you deal?

Well we made it through the holidays pretty well. It was a great meal we had at my moms. She even said, “It was the best Christmas she had.“ I personally had several crying sessions, but that seems par for the course as I am sure you all can agree on. But things are changing again around here and that is where the word “Detours” comes into play.

How do you handle detours? Before GPS, map apps and such I would handle them a bit differently then I do now. Without all the special map apps and GPS I would feel lost and confused to tell you the truth. But now with all our gadgets I love having to go on a detours it gives me a chance to see something I might not have seen before.

But I will tell you I don’t like detours when dealing with dementia at all! They say dealing with dementia is being flexible, having patients, etc. This is so true! It seemed that we had things figured out with meals, caregivers, a routine, etc. Well that DETOUR decided to show up and now a new route, routine has to be figured out. I don’t like this disease at all! I wish that there was a new app that will warn you when you have a detour coming up and you might be able to prepare for it. I know in life things can just happen and change at a drop of a hat, but when you have dementia I wish it would just follow some sorta of path and stay on that path without changing that would be so nice.

Thank you all for following me and mom on our journey.

Remember you are not alone. Blessings

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