Where are we now…

Hello to you all from all of us here. Are you ready for as Paul Harvey would say “the rest of the story”. It all started at the end of December with our caregiver getting sick and then we weren’t feeling well ourselves. So we stayed way until we felt better and things seemed to have leveled out. But that is not what happened. My mom then didn’t seem to be herself and a week or so later I ended up needing to go and see her. So an ambulance ride later and trip to the ER we found out she contacted covid, dehydrated, not quite malnourished, but was close. I had all these thoughts going thru my head after finding this out and I wasn’t thinking covid either. So then she was omitted to the hospital. So then phone calls from doctors every day that she was in the hospital which was great by the way. They also were working on getting her rehab to help build up her strength. We had two options for placement a place that was over 2 hours away or another place around an hour away that would except covid patients. We ended up with the closer of the two. Now fast forward a few months I will give a few hi lites of the past few months… kept asking when she was going home this lasted awhile since she was in quarantine for a few more days after she got there, MAJOR sundowning happened, crying, trying to leave the floor, etc. You get the picture it was pleasant at first and I was having a very hard time with it myself. But now she is content, has forgotten that she forgets(yep a new stage) great for her, but I know things are changing, she is eating, getting her meds, being cared for and has others she can talk to as well. It’s not ideal, but it’s working.

So that is about mom now what I have been doing to make sure she will be cared for that is a whole other animal. There is soooo much behind the scenes things you have to do since we weren’t expecting to do this as soon as we needed to. So insurance would only cover so much of her care and once she hit where they felt she could go so did the insurance coverage it went as well. She was no longer covered by her insurance for care. Yep it sucked and I was left figuring it all out. So filing for Medicaid was put in the works and I will tell you now get an Elder Lawyer he has saved me so much heartache and knows all the current this’s and that’s. So additional put her on lists for closer facility near me, but have been told it could be eight months to a year to get her moved. Well onto selling property, car and filing more paperwork. I can tell you doing all this would be easier if all I had to do was this, but I have a family and two active kids involved in a lot of activities and well it is coming to the end of the school year and let’s just say I could use a well deserved vacation when this is all done.

I hope in some way I have helped someone with me sharing our adventure in some way. It’s not easy and everyone’s adventure will be different, but in some cases the same. I read in one of the books I have this is the longest goodbye you will ever have. I have experienced a few myself and I know I have more to go until the final goodbye, but I God is with me through it all or I wouldn’t be able to do this at all. Blessings to you all and know you are not alone.

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