Just When You Think You Are Figuring Things Out…Guess What Things Change

It’s been awhile since I have posted hope you are all well. Mom is doing well at her current location which is the same place she has been at since being put there from having covid. She seems to have settled in nicely and things are mellowing out. Has a few friends, visit her as often as I can since she is a distance away and call her as well. Best thing is it feels like I can breathe a little better knowing she is getting her meds, eating right and being cared for as well. I do wish she was closer, but I know God has a plan and He will let us know in His time. So just as you read all is good right?… Well I think things are changing.

You may ask why and how I know this well… I see some of the same traits and or see similar things that she went through before when things and she changed. I think she is going into another stage of Dementia. I said the other day that Dementia could suck an it. I find it interesting at times, but it’s a very fine line of interest and that I just want it to go away. I also said the other day it’s like my mom is Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Ms. Hyde syndrome. I have received several strange phone messages and then would call her and she would say I love you, you made my day, but I heard something in her voice like she was when she was first admitted to the nursing home. So a special trip to see her this weekend with a special treat in hand. I asked her what was her favorite donut just to double check. Glazed and cream filled for he win and a little milk as well. Before I said goodbye she said, “ You made my day!”

So our journey looks a little different then I thought it would be at this time, but like I said earlier it is all in Gods timing.

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